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Life In Action Digital Workbook



Depression often traps us in a cycle of inactivity and despair, stripping away our joy, motivation, and connection. Enter the power of behavioral activation, a scientifically-backed method that emphasizes action to disrupt this debilitating cycle.

What is Behavioral Activation? It’s a specialized technique to counteract depression's grip by re-engaging with day-to-day activities and the world around you. By modifying what you're doing, you inherently influence how you think about yourself and your environment.

Why the Life in Action Workbook?

  1. Comprehensive Activity Monitoring: Pinpoint where inactivity seeps in and identify mood fluctuations. Gain a deep understanding of your day and how specific activities (or lack thereof) impact your emotions.
  2. Core Values Reflection: In the haze of depression, our core values often blur. Rediscover and re-anchor yourself to what genuinely matters to you, rekindling a sense of purpose.
  3. Strategic Activity Planning & Scheduling: Not just any activity, but those that resonate with your values and uplift your spirit. This isn’t about mere busyness; it's about meaningful engagement.

What to Expect from the Workbook?

  • An Activity Tracker to log and analyze daily actions.
  • A Values Assessment that helps you align activities with what’s truly important to you.
  • An Activities Menu to brainstorm and inject variety into your routine.
  • An Activity Planner to map out and commit to your revitalized daily life.

Dive into the Life in Action Workbook and transition from feelings of isolation and stagnation to empowerment and vibrancy. Let every page be a step towards a more active, engaged, and joyful existence.

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